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Bad decisions, calls and injuries contribute to another Vikings loss.

November 14, 2010 by Nick in After the Game
3 interceptions, a missed field goal, ineffective play calling and botched int calls on behalf of the refs.  Not one of these in particular lost the Vikings this game but all of them together contributed to a 13-27 loss to the Chicago Bears.

Looking back on my the analysis of what the Vikings needed to do to defeat the Bears it is obvious that the Vikings didn’t get the memo.

  • The Vikings defense simply wasn’t effective today.  Yes, they caused a couple turnovers but we simply couldn’t get routine pressure on the Cutler and he was able to carve our defensive for over 350 yards.  Most frustrating was the ability of the Bears converting on third down.  11/19 conversions is simply ridiculous.
  • Offensive line played far below it’s potential.  The Bears defensive players were constantly in Favre’s face and Adrian Peterson for the most part was kept in check.  If this Vikings offense can’t get the run game rollin’ then the pass is very difficult to set up.
  • Special teams gets a grade of an F.  This next week should be completely dedicated to tackling.  While Chris Kluwe once again looks like a pro-bowl punter the rest of our special teams was simply embarrassing.    Even with directional kicks Devin Hester was not kept in check and he routinely burned our special teams.
  • While it’s obvious that Favre struggled this game his stats make him look worse than he really played.  take away one of his INT’s for by a horrible call from the refs and another INT from a tipped ball, Favre’s play was mediocre.  It didn’t help that every single one of our recievers got hurt in one way or another.  When your receiving corps consist of Dugan, Camarillo, and Lewis nobody can expect miracles.    Let’s hope by next week we will see Harvin, Berrian as well as Rice back on the field.  Without these guys Favre could be in for another rough game.
  • At this point it certainly looks like Brad Childress is losing control of his locker room.  We simply aren’t seeing the heart from the players that we’re use to.  I for one see a coaching change being needed FAST! Let’s give Frazier a chance and re-evaluate the head coaching position at the end of the season.
  • On a positive note it looked like McKinnie was able to handle Julius Peppers.   If McKinnie could be more consistent its no question that he could be one of the leagues best left tackles.

What do you guys think of today’s game against the Bears?  What specifically stood out to you during the game? Feel free to mention both positive and negative issues.

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