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The Key To Winning Against The Chicago Bears

November 14, 2010 by Nick in Uncategorized

Sunday November 14th 2010, The (3-5) Minnesota Vikings take on their division rival the (5-3) Chicago Bears In Chicago.  Below are some key points I believe are necessary to defeat the Chicago Bears.

  • Contain The Run – No question the biggest asset of the Bears is their running game.  Both Matt Forte and Chester Taylor are very talented and underrated running backs.  Look for Chester Taylor to get some additional carries this week in attempt to make the Vikings look bad for letting him go in free agency last season.  If the Vikings can stop the run then it will force Jay Cutler to throw to his unproven wide receivers.
  • Get To Cutler Fast and Often Jay Cutler has proven in the past that he can tear apart defenses if he’s given time in the pocket.  The Chicago bears do not have a very good offensive line so causing pressure and making Cutler panic will also be the key to this game.  The more pressure the Vikings defense places on Cutler the worse decisions he will make.  Watch for the Vikings to continuously blitz Cutler and stop him from making any deep plays to his receivers.  The Vikings front four really need to step it up during this game otherwise things could get ugly.
  • Watch Out For Devin Hester – Devin Hester as a receiver doesn’t bother me too much, however I would argue that he one of the best if not the best returner in the league.  The Vikings special teams needs to play a perfect game in order to not get burned by the nifty Hester.   Also look for NFC Special teams player of the week Chris Kluwe to do a lot of directional punting in order to make returns a lot more difficult.
  • Run Adrian Run! – I believe the way to be most effective on offense will be to force feed the Bears a huge dose of Adrian Peterson.  The Bears are currently ranked the third best run stoppers in the league so this may be a bigger task then most believe.  However, if successful in running the ball the easier time Favre will have with play action.  I highly doubt we see the amount of passes this week as we did against the Cardinals.
  • Take The Points – While I do believe the Vikings will walk away with a victory this Sunday I don’t believe it will be an easy task.  It’s important that the Vikings don’t leave behind any ‘easy’ points.  This means kicking the field goal instead of going for it on fourth down.  We currently have a head coach who is willing to do anything to save his job.  High risk plays need to be put aside and we need to take any ‘gimme’ points that we can possibly take.
  • McKinnie Must Show Up – The last time Bryant McKinnie lined up against Julius Peppers he got destroyed.  Peppers was ruthless and simply embarrassed McKinnie.  It’s extremely important that Peppers doesn’t have a repeat of last year and if we see McKinnie struggling some help must be put on the left side of the line.  Get Shianco on the left side and make sure he chips Peppers before he runs his routes.  If we can’t contain Peppers or the many other defensive threats the Bears offer then Favre will continue with his on field struggles.


I believe this game will be a close one.  I expect the Bears defense to put a lot of pressure on Favre and test our offensive line.  If our offensive line can show up and give Favre and Peterson adequate time to do their thing then we should pull off a victory.

Vikings 24 – Bears 17

Player of the game:
Adrian Peterson – 125 rushing yards and one touchdown.

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