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November 20, 2010 by Nick in Game Predictions

It’s game two of the year between the Minnesota Vikings and Green bay Packers.  This is by far one of the most heated rivalries in the National Football League.  There is no love loss between the two teams.  The other day we posted our first addition of Sitting down with the enemy which spotlighted JC and his Green Bay Packers.  Now it’s time for my weekly prediction and what I believe the key points are in defeating the Packers.

  • Vikings Defense Must Get Pressure! – The last time these two teams played, Aaron Rodgers had all day to throw the ball.  It’s absolutely crucial that the Vikings front four get pressure on the QB.  The more pressure we can cause the more players the packers will have to devote to blocking our defense.   Jared Allen was man handled by Chad Clifton the last game and that absolutely cannot happen again.  If he doesn’t get to Rodgers then it needs to be because the Packers double teamed him all day long.  The key is to blitz early and force Rodgers to make errors in which we can capitalize on.
  • Take Away The Run Game – If the Packers have one noticeable flaw it’s in their run game.  They simply haven’t been the same as before Ryan Grant got injured.  Taking Jackson and Kuhn out of the game early will make Rodgers and the Pack a one dimension team.  If the Packers are forced to throw all day long it gives our front four a better opportunity to continuously be in Rodgers face.
  • Let Favre Lead – It’s no secret that Brett Favre would like to defeat his old team in what is most likely his last game against the Packers.  With all the extra motivation it’s important that you let Favre lead the Vikings to a victory.  The Vikings need to be run heavy to start which will give Favre the best opportunity to make the throws that count later in the game..  With Sidney Rice expected to play Favre could have a huge game.
  • Don’t Give the Refs an Opportunity to Decide The Game – I try extremely hard to not be that homer fan that blames all their teams losses on the refs but the blown calls during the last match-up between the teams was just ridiculous.   The Vikings need to make sure that they don’t give the refs an opportunity to decide the outcome of the game.  Tap all toes, keep your blocks, maintain possession etc.  If we do everything by the books then the refs will have no reason to make any game determining calls.
  • Smart Coaching – This starts with Childress and trickles down to all personnel on the field this Sunday.  We need to absolutely take all the points that are available to us.  That even means taking the field goal on a fourth and goal at the one.  Too many times this year have we given away points that could have mattered at the end of the game.  In addition the coaches need to truly figure out what plays are worthy of challenges.  Coach Childress has made some horrible challenges or better yet ‘no-challenges’ which have had a direct effect on the outcome of the game.  Regardless of the outcome of the game it’s time for a new coach… but that’s another post for another time.
  • Staying Motivated – This season has been extremely difficult and this locker room is just a ticking time bomb.  We have so much talent that even bad coaching shouldn’t stop us from defeating the Packers.  If the Packers come out scoring on the first possession it’s extremely important that we don’t lose motivation.  It only takes a couple people to quit for the whole team to be punished.  I believe if given the option it’s important that we receive the ball and march down the field and put up the first points in the game.
  • Fan Noise – Last but not least fan noise is something all of us have 100% control of.  We need everyone at the Metrodome to be extremely loud!  Even in this difficult time it’s extremely important to show your pride and support our team this weekend.  Not only because we’re playing the Packers but because it truly does make a difference!  The Metrodome has prided itself in being one of the loudest establishments in the NFL.  All the fans screaming and cheering will make it that much more difficult for the Packers to pull off a victory this weekend.  Remember, the Packers are in our house!


Vikings 31

Packers 17

Game MVP: Brett Favre, 280 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT and 6 rushing yards.

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