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Weekly Predictions Vikings Vs Bills

December 5, 2010 by Nick in Game Predictions, Uncategorized

Last week, Leslie Frazier and the Minnesota Vikings were able to end an ugly 8 game road loss record.  This week they look two make it two victories in two weeks.  If you asked me at the beginning of the year what the outcome of the game against the Bills was going to be I would probably laugh.  Today I sing a different tune.  It’s not that I don’t believe the Vikings will win this weekend, its the fact that the Bills are a lot better then their 2 win record shows.  Last week the Bills would have won against the Pittsburgh Steelers if a key drop wasn’t made in the endzone my Steve Johnson.   Below are some key players the Vikings need to game plan around in order to defeat the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

Fred Jackson / C.J. Spiller – C.J. Spiller has a lot of talent but hasn’t been able to utilize it with a struggling Bills offensive line.  Currently ranked (18) in the offensive run category I look for the Bills to Pass a lot this game.  The Vikings run defense may not be what it use to be but the Bills will still struggle this weekend.  Just like our previous opponents, look for the Bills to take advantage of our corner backs.  Look out for Fitzpatrick swing passes to Jackson/Spiller these could be deadly as well.  Maintaining Jackson in the redzone will be key as well.  Jackson is an underrated back that could easily gain 4-5 yards for a quick TD.

Steve Johnson – Where did this guy come from?  I don’t think many NFL fans even knew this guys name at the beginning of the season.  With almost 800 yards and 9 touchdowns i assure you the Vikings will give him a lot of attention.  Hopefully we will see Antoine Winfield covering Johnson most of the day.  If this is true, look for the Bills to take advantage of the matchup between Lee Evans and whichever corner we put on him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Never been sold on the guy but with a 85.2 passer rating he is obviously getting stuff done this season.  I will guess that Fitzpatrick tosses the ball close to 45-50 times this game.  If the Vikings defense doesn’t put up too much pressure it’s possible he could have a big day.  As stated before, I’m not too threatened by  Fitzpatrick, but lesser QB’s have done more to the Vikings defense.  He’s definitely worthy of a mention this week.

Daunte Whitner – I don’t have too many defensive players on the Bills that I want to highlight but this man is one of them. Whitner has over 100 tackles this season and is surely going to be glued to our receivers this weekend.  If whitner is playing deep most of the game look for the Vikings to take advantage by throwing over the middle.  Whitner I believe takes away the deep threat that the Vikings so eagerly want to rejuvenate with Rice being back on the field.  Whitner is a beast and will make plays this weekend, but he can only cover so many players.  Hopefully Favre and the Vikings will be able to take advantage of this.


Vikings: 30

Bills: 24

MVP:  Adrian Peterson, 160 yards, 2 TD’s

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