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Could Newton Slide To The Vikes? NFL Draft 2011

April 28, 2011 by Nick in NFL Draft, PLAYER NEWS

If Cam Newton happens to be passed up by the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, there’s no way the Minnesota Vikings will allow him to slip any further.

Brett Favre finally retired—at least for now—but this time he really doesn’t appear to be making another comeback.

That leaves Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb as the only options at quarterback, barring trades or free agency once the lockout is officially lifted.

Newton had originally been slated as a possible option for the Vikings, but a strong pro day has propelled him back near the top of draft boards.

Jackson has struggled in limited time as a starter, while Webb started the final three games last year. He posted an impressive 60.7 completion percentage, but on only 5.36 yards per attempt.

Vikings fans likely aren’t clamoring for Webb to be their starter. If Newton slips, the Vikings cannot afford to pass him up.

The Vikings have the weapons that would allow Newton to adjust quickly to the NFL—Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian as receivers and Adrian Peterson in the backfield.

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Nick’s Take: This would be an absolute dream draft for the Vikings.  However I believe there is no chance Newton drops below the top 3 picks.  If Carolina doesn’t pick him it’s because someone trades up to do so.  Gabbert dropping to the Vikings might be a possibility but he would have to go pass the Bills, Cardinals, Redskins, and the Titans.  I simply don’t see that happening.  Look for the Vikings to take Locker, a defensive player or to possibly trade down in hopes of acquiring a third round pick.

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