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Could The Vikings Trade Out Of The First Round Entirely?

April 28, 2011 by Nick in NFL Draft, PLAYER NEWS
The National Football Authority is reporting that the Minnesota Vikings are in talks with the Cleveland Browns. . .not to trade up to Cleveland’s spot at number six overall in the first round, but to send their number 12 pick to Cleveland for the Browns’ second-round pick this year, the thirty-seventh overall selection, and Cleveland’s first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The NFA speculates that the Browns are looking at adding two very specific players to their team. If the Browns are thinking of a trade along these lines, they obviously think those two players are going to transform them from the 5-11 team they were in 2010 to a serious contender. It would stand to reason that, in making a trade like this, they assume that their first-round selection in 2012 will be significantly farther down the board that the sixth overall selection.

By that same token, if the Vikings think that the Browns wouldn’t be very good in 2011 even after adding two impact prospects, they might look to make such a deal, thinking that Cleveland’s first pick in 2012 will be another top ten selection. Then, with Cleveland’s second-round pick this year, they could possibly target one of the upper-tier quarterbacks if one falls to the top of Round Two, or possibly use both of their second round picks to move back into the lower portion of Round One.

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Nicks take: For this to make sense the following players would have to be off the board.  Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Bowers, Jordon, Peterson, and Jones.   At this point the Vikings wouldn’t have an obvious selection at #12.  With the Browns second rounder the Vikings could draft Ryan Mallet,  the best player available in the second and in addition to recovering a third round pick they loss in the Moss trade.

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