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Vikings Rookie Jersey Numbers, Latest & Best Player To Wear The Number.

Christian Ponder – #7
Last QB to wear #7: Tarvaris Jackson
Best Player: Randall Cunningham

Kyle Rudolph – #82
Last TE to wear #82: Andrew Glover
Best Player: Qadry Ismail

Christian Ballard – #99
Last DL to wear #99: Erasmus James
Best Player: Chris Hovan

Brandon Burton – #36
Last DB to wear #36: Dovonte Edwards
Best Player: John Kirby

DeMarcus Love – #75
Last OL to wear #75: Chase Johnson
Best Player: Bob Lurtsema/Keith Millard

Mistral Raymond – #30
Last DB to wear #30: Antonio Banks
Best Player: Bill Brown

Brandon Fusco – #63
Last OL to wear #63: Brian Daniels
Best Player: Kirk Lowedermilk

Ross Homan – #57
Last LB to wear #57: Raonall Smith
Best Player: Dwayne Ruud

D’Aundre Reed – #92
Last DL to wear #92: Jayme Mitchell
Best Player: Roy Barker
Stephen Burton – #86
Last WR to Wear #86 – Robert Baker
Best Player: Jake Reed

From the information mentioned above it doesn’t look like anyone has significant shoes to fill.   I believe Stephen Burton wearing Jake Reed’s old number is probably the most significant.   What do you think about the number selection and more importantly the impact these rookies will be able to add to the team this season?

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