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Ray Edwards Opens His Big Mouth Again. Wont Play For Less Then Backup.

May 5, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY, PLAYER NEWS
Fans should be ruling for the courts to force the NFL to re-open for business.  Players are rooting for it too.

There are plenty of players, however, that would suffer if the NFL is forced to go back to work and 2010 league rules are put in place.  Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards will be one of those players, no matter what happens with his boxing career.

The Vikings placed a one-year, $2.8 million tender on Edwards before the lockout started.  If the league works out a new CBA, Edwards should be an unrestricted free agent, free to enter the market.  If the 2010 rules are back, he could be stuck in Minnesota.

“They put a first-round tender on me, but even if that holds up, there’s no way I will play for less than what my backup got in his new contract.  There’s no way I would play here,” Edwards told Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Edwards is referring to Brian Robison, who got a $6.5 million signing bonus this offseason.  Edwards claims he “couldn’t care less” about the lockout at the moment, but that’s hard to believe when it could affect his potential for a once-in-a-lifetime contract.

What gets lost in this legal battle between the NFLPA* and NFL is that no one can fully win in the courts.  The players can gain leverage, but they may have to deal with another year of decreased spending in the league.

We still need an agreement at the end of this mess or players like Edwards get a raw deal.

original source here: Analysis: Ray Edwards is as good as gone at this point.  While he has played well the last couple years, one has to believe the addition of Pat Williams, Jared Allen, and Kevin Williams artificially inflated his stats.  Edwards comments about playing for less then his backup proves that he’s not a team player.   If the new year is played under 2010 rules then look for the Vikings to trade him early in the season.  Otherwise, the Vikings will probably watch him walk away.  They didn’t pay Brian Robison the money they did to have him sit on the bench.

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