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Signs Point To Metrodome Being Fixed For 1st Pre Season Game.

May 5, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY, Metrodome
Workers in Minneapolis are optimistic they will have the Metrodome roof repaired in time for the Vikings’ preseason schedule in August.

Bill Lester, the executive director of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune the facility could be ready as early as August 12.

“This is optimistic and our best bet right now,” he said.

Officials are repairing the Metrodome roof after it collapsed during a heavy snowstorm in December. The Vikings had to move their final two home games to Detroit and to the University of Minnesota stadium, respectively.

The Vikings have preseason home games tentatively scheduled — pending the resolution of the NFL lockout — for Aug. 27 and Sept. 1.

Original source can be found here: Analysis: This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, I think most of us assumed it would be available to the Vikes by the pre-season.  It’s known that that Vikes pushed their two pre-season games at home to week 3 and 4 of the pre-season to buy additional time.  IF for some reason they can’t play at home I don’t think many fans will complain about being refunded full priced preseason tickets.

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