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Chris Cook Gun Charges Dropped

May 7, 2011 by Nick in Uncategorized
Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was cleared on a charge of brandishing a firearm Friday.

Cook was accused of taking out a gun during a verbal alertercation with a neighbor.  He admitted getting into an argument, but denied taking a gun out.

“I was never concerned.  I had good witnesses. All of our stories matched each other,” Cook told Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  ”They decided they were basically trying to string this story together and just make me look bad. The judge ruled in my favor. . . .  The verdict was not guilty and he just dismissed it. I’m just happy to get it over with.”

Cook promises to be more “cautious” when dealing with others in the future.   He was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor in March. Getting the case solved so quickly should help Cook’s chances of avoiding major punishment from the league.

original source here Analysis: This is good to hear, The Vikings will have a hard enough time this season being competitive already.  They don’t need their young players being disciplined by the NFL.   After injuring his MCL there is a lot of hope that the second year player will make an impact on this team in the injured plagued backfield.

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