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Off Season Training

Adrian Peterson Working Out With Vince Young In Houston TX.

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One constant for quarterback Vince Young, whom the Tennessee Titans have said they will release, is spending the offseason working out with trainer James Cooper.


This offseason, he’s got a lot of company three to four days per week, including Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, according to Houston television station KPRC.

“It’s been that way,” Young said Tuesday. “Adrian and the other guys are here to work. It’s a good time out here then we lift together, eat lunch, bond and build chemistry. Keeping that football brotherhood is what it’s all about.”

Young said his surgically repaired thumb is 100 percent, and he’s looking forward to the next step in his NFL career, wherever that might be.

“I am feeling really good,” Young said. “Dr. (Thomas) Hunt in Alabama did a great job getting me back out here. I’m getting my shoulder stronger too. It’s always good to throw with the guys and it’s helping me a lot.

Young said he holds no ill will toward the Titans, who plan to trade or release Young once football operations resume.

“I have no bitterness towards Tennessee. I am ready to play football. I have something to prove every year and I look forward to that. That’s why you see me out here getting ready, legs, body and everything.

“When the season comes, wherever I am, I am going in full throttle, head on right and ready to work. I want to lead my team to the playoffs and a championship and that’s all that’s on my mind, get to those areas right now.”

original source can be found here Analysis: It is excellent news to see Adrian Peterson working hard this off season while others enjoy a longer vacation due to the lock out.  One could read into this post as a hint by AP that he would like Vince Young to become a Vikings when free agency opens up.  Others could see that Adrian is originally from Texas and it’s convenient to work out with other NFL athletes.   Look for the Vikings to sign another QB but Young may not be high on the priority list.

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