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Adrian Peterson Buys Dinner For A Bunch Of Fans In Vegas!

May 30, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS

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Apparently Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco isn’t the only NFL player that randomly takes strangers out to dinner.

When a couple spotted Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson outside the Bistro Buffet at the Palms Casino and Resort Friday night in Las Vegas, they asked him if he was indeed Adrian Peterson.

Peterson, according to, responded with his catchphrase and nickname, “All day.”

Then, out of nowhere, he asked the couple and about a dozen other people to join him for dinner at the buffet.

When all was said and done, Peterson had a handful of new loyal fans and a $400 tab.

You gotta love it when athletes do this.

We’ve all seen the egocentric and rich scoff at everyone around them, sometimes the result of the same attention us fans give them.

But when they turn their attention to us and remember what it was like to be humble and giving, that’s where sports truly transcend just being sports.

A lot of athletes don’t realize how much an impact they can have given their fame and wealth, that living in mansions isn’t the only thing in life.

We always knew Peterson was an upstanding individual; he’s demonstrated this throughout his brilliant career.

But his actions Friday night in Las Vegas, however insignificant they may seem, are the kind of things that get fans through an NFL lockout.

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This further shows just how great of a guy Adrian Peterson is.   You know you have a stand up guy when the biggest issue he has is a speeding ticket.  Adrian continues to be loved by not only Vikings fans but all fans world-wide. Kudos AP!

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    […] with his time and money so I fully expect this to blow over with time. (remember recently that he bought dinner for several fans in Vegas!) Let’s just continue to hope he dominates on the field as he routinely does.   SKOL […]

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