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Chad Greenway Doesn’t See The Vikings Keeping Ben Leber

June 2, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
As the NFL continues to function under the restrictive ruse of a lockout, questions surrounding the status of potential free agents is becoming a growing concern. With 18 restricted and unrestricted free agents on roster at the end of last season, the Minnesota Vikings are no exception to this rule.

As the 2010 season came to a close, 3 of those 18 free agents reside within Mike Singletary’s linebacker corps. Strangely enough, all three LBs in question have ties to KFAN radio. Erin Henderson is taking part in extended on-air internship program at KFAN, Ben Leber has been a frequent guest in the past, and Chad Greenway has been a regular weekly guest during the season with Paul Allen.

Continuing to foster his relationship with KFAN, Greenway called in with Paul Allen this morning in a rare out of the gates interview at 9:00AM. The most recent recipient of the Viking’s franchise tag, Greenway openly voiced some concern on the potential free agency situation surrounding fellow Vikings linebacker Ben Leber.

“Well, I hope he stays,” Greenway stated. “I think he’s a great player and certainly a great teammate. Would love to have him around for another few years, as long as he wants to play.”

At this moment the conversation took a little turn for the worse.

“The reality of that is certainly uncertain,” Greenway continued. “I would say there is a better percentage of him not being here than him being here. But again, that’s not my hope.”

Heading into his first year as linebacker’s coach for the Vikings, Singletary may be inheriting a bit of a mess. Leber was a big part of the Vikings 3-man linebacker rotation in 2010 recording 46 tackles and recovering 2 fumbles. If he were to leave the Vikings, the team would have to begin the search for a third linebacker to join MLB E.J. Henderson and OLB Chad Greenway on the field.

Making problems even worse for the Vikings, the man with the inside track to replace Leber at the OLB position would be Erin Henderson, who is currently classified as a restricted free agent. Cause for concern now enters the picture as the new Collective Bargaining Agreement may have different classifications for restricted and unrestricted free agents.

Fortunately for the Vikings, the rest of the league is stuck with the same unfortunate predicament. Unfortunately for the Vikings, not all of those teams are in the middle of introducing a new coaching regime into the picture. Analysis:
The Vikings have a lot of players that are either up for a contract right now or within the next season.  I think players such as Ben Leber and Pat Williams may be two players that could be casualties.  With players like Jasper Brinkley and Erin Henderson as backups it’s almost certain Leber will be gone.  Williams on the other hand may stick around if he is willing to give the Vikings a hometown discount.  With Vikings news being slow due to the CBA we will just have to wait and see.

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