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Christian Ponder Not Afraid Of Contact!

June 3, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
Once a skinny high school quarterback, Christian Ponder now stands at 6-foot-2, 230 pounds after five seasons in Florida State’s strength and conditioning program.

Ponder insisted on throwing around that weight, which sometimes resulted in self-inflicted pain. After a late-game interception against Clemson during his junior season, Ponder clocked defensive back DeAndre McDaniel from the sidelines, a hit that separated Ponder’s shoulder and caused him to miss four games.

Ponder admits he must find the balance between toughness and being a smart quarterback.

“I absolutely love contact, but sometimes you have to preserve your body,” Ponder said. “I’m learning to get better about that.”

The way Ponder takes hits always impressed FSU teammate Graham Gano, now a kicker for the Redskins. Every time Gano saw Ponder get trounced in the pocket — “and he got hit pretty hard,” he says — he noticed how Ponder jumped back up instead of lingering on the grass.

“He wasn’t even giving them that satisfaction of getting a good lick on him,” Gano said. “He’d at them like, ‘That’s all you got?'”



It’s fantastic to see a QB who doesn’t hide from contact.  Too often you see QBs throw an INT and essentially running to the sidelines in hopes that they don’t get hit.  Vikings fans remember the value Daunte Culpepper offered the team when he bull dozed many DBs in the backfield.  Unfortunately, we all remember the injuries he had because of it too.  Whats the perfect combination???

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