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Longer The Lockout Lasts, The Better Chances Vikings Add A Veteran QB

June 4, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said the team still is discussing whether to add a veteran quarterback to help bridge the gap for rookie Christian Ponder.

Speaking Friday at the team’s playground build at Northport Elementary School in Brooklyn Center, Frazier said the team doesn’t want to put Ponder or Joe Webb in a tough spot if the lockout continues to eat away at the offseason.

“We’re still discussing what’s the best option for us and for our quarterbacks,” he said. “What you don’t want to do is put a guy in harm’s way to the point where his confidence is affected for the future. We’ve got some different things we’ve got to talk through and figure out based on when we start football.”

If the Vikings decide to add a veteran, Frazier made it clear that it is only a short-term solution to a unique situation with the lockout.

“In our situation if we were to go that route to bring a veteran in — whatever time that would be — that veteran has to understand how important the chemistry of it is because eventually either Joe or Christian is going to be our long-term answer,” Frazier said. “So it would have to be the right veteran. It goes beyond just knowing the system and playing in the National Football League, because you’re trying to build the right locker room also. There are more dynamics involved than just a fact he’s a veteran quarterback.”

Frazier said his coaching staff has discussed different scenarios, all of them predicated on when the lockout ends and how much preparation time his young quarterbacks get before the season opener.



At this point the lockout isn’t helping anyone.  The players aren’t all going to be in shape which could lead to lazy play.  Some teams haven’t even been able to get their play books out to their players.  If this lockout holds out for much longer we can all assume that the 2011-12 season will include a lot of vanilla offensive schemes. 

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