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Discussion: CBA & New Vikings Stadium

June 9, 2011 by Nick in Weekly Discussion
I want to try something new – I’m going to post one discussion article per week so that we can all have something to discuss.  For this week I want to open up with the CBA issue and the newly proposed Vikings stadium.  Below are my takes on the issue, what are your opinions and thoughts?  Please post in the comments!

Collective Bargaining Agreement:

The CBA issue is absolutely ridiculous.  Not only are we at a point where the players and organizations can’t practice or even plan for the 2011 season but non players are actually getting pay cuts.  In a war between billionaires and millionaires its the ‘average’ guy who is losing money right now.  It’s absolutely ridiculous if you ask me!  The players need to realize that they got a great deal last time and the owners need to stop attempting to ‘make up’ for the crappy deal they gave them last year.

New Vikings Stadium

The state of Minnesota has a huge deficit that it needs to be made up.   Even with that in mind Its absolutely essential that the Vikings get a new stadium.  Not only is the Metrodome not competitive from a revenue standpoint it simply is a pain for fans to enjoy.  It only takes attempting to walk through the concourse once to get frustrated.   The lack of tailgating options are also enough for any fan to go crazy.  I don’t know where the money will come from but it needs to come somewhere.  The Vikings moving shouldn’t even be an option!

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