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Best Bet For New Vikings Stadium Is With A Special Session.

July 8, 2011 by Nick in NEW STADIUM

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If nothing happens on a Vikings stadium vote once the state budget problem is solved, the hot rumor around the Capitol is to look for a special session of the Legislature to be called by Gov. Mark Dayton in September to vote on the Arden Hills stadium bill.

The pressure for solving the $5 billion budget deficit will be over and probably forgotten by then.

The September date also might be a better time to pass a bill if the Vikings are playing football by then and have won a couple of games. That also would mean that Vikings fans would be excited about football, with the team’s games consistently drawing the best ratings of any television show in the Upper Midwest and with every home game at the Metrodome sold out for the past 13 seasons.

Before Dayton calls the special session, he would want to be sure that the bill will pass.

With everything shut down these days, the mood might not be right for a vote on the stadium bill this month. And by September, the road problems around the former ammunition plant site, as well as other variables that haven’t been settled yet, could be worked out.

read the full column by Sid Hartman.


No doubt the state budget is the first priority.  Once it gets solved the Vikings best bet will definitely be through a special session called by Dayton.  A new stadium needs to be secured, things will only get more expensive and ugly if this issue rides out another year.  SKOL VIKES.


  1. L.W.EhnstromJuly 15, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    To whom it may concern:
    I am only a common person,retired and fighting to meet my monthly obligations, and I feel that if 3M wants a new plant to employ 500 people they will have to fight to all the permits to build the building, meet all of the regulations to employ all of these poeple and build the parking lots ect.We do not give them any moneys to do this and they also bring a hell of alot more money into the community with wages , sales tax investment and they don’t asks us, the general public to pay for investment.
    I am among the people general population that believes that Ziggy Wolf came to this town ,[Twin City] to buy a team [600m]convince us to build him a stadium,put in 1/10th of the money ,and he will sell the team for meg a millions ,walk away ,with millions of our tax money. We’ll get a losing team as we have had since 1961 and not even a thank you. This is the biggest farus that we are being purposed.
    Our Minnesota goverment should not even be consitering this as to the 6 billion we are in debt.We are taking money from 1 pot to make it look like we’re fixing things only to say in 2 years we’ll fix the problem as we did 2 years ago, This approach really SUCKs, its surprizing as to how we the people get sold out every time theres an election, This really SUCKS. Also, we already bought a stadium.

    • Nick LeRoyJuly 16, 2011 at 7:50 am

      Hi L.W. You make some really good points here. I do agree with you that Wilf did buy this team as an investment. However, is that necessarily a bad thing? The rich aren’t rich because they give their money away. I think Zygi wilf has definitely been an upgrade over Red McCombs don’t you agree? While he may be looking to make millions I also think he is generally interested in making this team a championship caliber team.

      Yes the budget solution is a patch, i agree. However, this doesn’t stop the need for the new stadium and the income lossed if the team leaves this state will absolutely harm the state more than anything.

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