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Vikings To Have 2011 Salary Cap Issues?

July 10, 2011 by Nick in Off Season Training
For the first time in two years, NFL front offices are putting on their salary caps as owners and players try to pound out a labor agreement.

That’s why it’s vital to forge an agreement that preserves the preseason. Both sides know the impact on the salary cap if revenues shrink. If all goes well, a deal may be reached in time to save the Pro Football Hall of Fame game and the rest of the preseason. Whatever the outcome of successful talks, the 2011 salary cap will be less than it was in 2009, when teams operated with $127 million of cap room.

The preseason is worth $22 to $25 million to each team. Figuring the cap could be as low as $117 million or as high as $125 million this year, everyone is working on a tight margin.


The Vikings are $5.148 million over, which will make it tough for them to keep Bernard Berrian. Releasing him would save around $3.7 million. Adrian Peterson is in the final year on his contract with a salary of $10.72 million. He wants a long-term deal, and if the Vikings accommodate it would free up a lot of cap room.

full story can be read here


The Vikings were one of just a few teams that took advantage of the no salary cap the last two years.  While it definitely helped in over paying players such as Brett Favre it makes it hard to tighted the purse strings once the cap is put in place.  With players such and Bernard Berrian and Medieu Williams with over valued contracts the Vikings may be letting a few veteran players go this season.

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