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Metrodome Roof Being Re Inflated Right Now!

July 13, 2011 by Nick in Metrodome
The Metrodome, sans a roof since December’s blizzard took the air out of the much-maligned but functional stadium, is about to become whole once again.

A new roof began cranking into place Wednesday at 7:13 a.m., a little tanner and somewhat less puffy than the predecessor whose failure turned the Minnesota Vikings into vagabonds as the limped to the finish line last season.

“OK, we’re going,” said Steve Maki, facilities director for the Metrodome. Four workers are riding along with the ascending roof, keeping close watch for any complications.

Officials expect the $22.7 million replacement lid to take two to three hours to be declared fully in place. The old roof, which met its demise after 29 years, could be puffed up much quicker.

While the roof’s climb was gradual, it was clearly evident. Rising with it was the American flag, appearing from behind several of the acoustic panels.


The dome is equipped with 20 fans, but only 12 of the 100-horse power machines are being used for now.

The look is quite different inside. Dozens of silver-colored panels now hang in rows, acting as acoustic mufflers. They replace the dome’s interior membrane, which had been an inhibitor of melting snow.

Even with the roof up, numerous small tasks remain, including various seals and installation of lightning rods.



This is great news.  Many feared that the Metrodome wouldn’t be ready to play in for the Vikings first preseason game this season.  With the roof finally being repaired it looks like they have some minor tasks remaining.  The dome should be in good shape (well as good as the dome can be) for this season.  SKOL VIKES.


The Metrodome has been completely inflated.  Check out our follow up post to  see a video of it being re-inflated

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