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Watch Christian Ponder Work Out With Vikings Players At U of M (Video)

July 20, 2011 by Nick in Off Season Training

Thanks to KFAN we have this YouTube video to share with you of Christian Ponder throwing to some of his teammates and other NFL players.   Reports also state that Ponder was sharing reps with Vikings (for now) QB Tarvaris Jackson.

Looking a little rusty Ponder had the following to say. “Yesterday I was one step behind everybody,” Ponder said. “Today was a little better but still some room to speed up. My drop’s got to be a lot quicker. It’s definitely different than in college, in a good way though.”

It’s great to see Ponder in state and working out with some of his teammates.  I personally am very excited to see what the guy can do and the type of season Shianco & rookie Rudolph will have!


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