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Christian Ponder Can’t Wait To Meet & Work With Bill Musgrave

July 22, 2011 by Nick in Vikings Rookies
The Minnesota Vikings’ rookie quarterback intends to keep throwing at the “U” until Larry Fitzgerald’s group workouts conclude on Tuesday. But Ponder also hopes to get face time as soon as possible with new Vikings new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.

“Once this thing gets lifted, I’m definitely going to head straight to the (Vikings’) facility,” Ponder said on Thursday, “give Coach Musgrave a call and go sit down with him and hopefully, talk some ball and keep (the Fitzgerald workouts) going until it ends.”

Ponder spoke with Musgrave only briefly the day the Vikings drafted him 12th overall in April, during the 11-hour window the lockout was lifted.

That was enough time for Musgrave to give Ponder a portion of the playbook to study, but not enough for the two to begin any substantive work on an offense all Vikings players will be learning from scratch in training camp.

“It’s tough,” said Vikings quarterback Rhett Bomar, who made his first appearance at the Fitzgerald workouts on Thursday.

“Missing OTAs and minicamps — that would have helped us. As young guys, you need to be out there with coaches working and working and going over the new offense and things like that. But you can’t do anything about that now. You’ve just got to go out there and work as hard as you can and make the reps count in training camp.”


The Vikings were making contingency plans on Wednesday to bring in players, especially rookies and other younger ones, to their Winter Park headquarters as soon as this weekend. However, that was contingent upon NFL players and owners ratifying the proposed labor agreement and the league signing off on players returning to work.

With contact barred between players and owners since March for all about those 11 hours, Ponder hasn’t even had access to Vikings game tape, although he pointed out that “I don’t even know if it would have been good to watch Vikings film anyways, because (Musgrave) just came from Atlanta. I’ve had no access to film. That’s been really frustrating to me. As a quarterback, you like to watch the film.”

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As stated several other times, I am becoming more impressed with Christian Ponder every time I read or hear him speak.  This is an athlete that is eager to make a change for the Vikings.  Ponder has made every effort to workout with his teammates and learn the Vikings system on his own.  This is a player that loves the game and has a passion for winning.   While Culpepper, Jackson, and Favre had their time in the last 10 years, its time for the future.  The future is definitely Christian Ponder!

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