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Zulgad Conducts Q&A With Tarvaris Jackson – Seattle Bound?

July 23, 2011 by Nick in FREE AGENTS
This small Q&A session was conducted by Judd Zulgad and published in full in the Seattle times this morning.   Not a whole lot of surprises but still interesting non the less.

Jackson: “It’s just frustrating because when you start free agency, it’s going to be rushed and you’re going to have to make a decision before you want to and then you won’t get a chance to really get comfortable or anything. And when you do sign your free agent contract, you’ll probably sign it and have to go straight out to practice. It’s kind of frustrating knowing that but however it comes, you’ve got to take it.”

So where is Jackson going to wind up? Zulgad asked him.

Jackson: “I see it on Twitter sometimes. It’s kind of like, I guess they know more than I know. I woke up and saw something this morning about Seattle because Coach Bevell is up there. I know how it works. I understand that.”


Well, is Seattle an interesting opportunity? Jackson: “Yeah. It seems like a pretty good opportunity. I know the offense. That’s a plus. Coach (Darrell) Bevell, he’s very familiar with me and I’m very familiar with him. So that’s always a plus.”

The rest of the interview can be read at the Seattle times website.


A lot of fans and sports writers have been speculating that Jackson will be going to Seattle when free agency hits.  Not only is their an opportunity to compete for a starting job but Derrell Bevell is there too.  I always liked the idea of Jackson, and truly believe he was limited due to Childress.  I have whichever team he goes to that they are willing to work around his skill set and not the other way around.  Through the Childress era we obviously saw the effect that has…

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