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Ray Edwards Prepares For Free Agency & Smack Talks Goodell

July 26, 2011 by Nick in FREE AGENTS
Ray Edwards has had his name mentioned more often in the last 24 hours than perhaps the entirety of his career. With the lockout over and Edwards finally an unrestricted free agent, there is no doubt but that he will test the free-agent waters.

In a phone interview on ESPN Monday, Edwards had plenty to say on the current labor agreement, his feelings about Commissioner Roger Goodell and his plans to play elsewhere in 2011.

When asked about his feelings over the labor discussions, Edwards said he had almost no contact with anyone involved in the negotiations process. He said the players by and large entrusted their player reps (Steve Hutchinson for the Vikings) to tell them whether it was a deal they should approve or reject. Edwards said he knew his role in the process would be minimal, so he didn’t concern himself with the details. He just wanted a resolution to it.

“I look at it like this,” Edwards said. “Don’t worry about nothing you can’t control and worry about things you can control. There was nothing I could have done to control the situation to try to get them to get a deal done. I didn’t worry myself with that.”

When somewhat goaded into a response on the question of the players’ animosity toward Goodell, Edwards was asked why so many player “hate” Goodell. Edwards didn’t hold back in his response, saying players resent Goodell’s new sheriff in town (or, perhaps more appropriately, new principal at the high school) approach to dealing with players who get in trouble off the field and on.


“I don’t know if it’s hate or dislike,” Edwards said. “He came in trying to change the whole game around, trying to leave his mark on the game. I guess that’s where a lot of the hatred comes from. We feel sometimes he treats us unfairly due his rules that he (enforced) upon us.”
Full story can be read here


So long, fair well Edwards.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Almost every Vikings fan expects Edwards to leave this week via free agency.  He’s done nothing but complain since Brian Robison got his contract extension.  While Edwards has talent, one has to wonder how inflated his stats were due to having K Williams, P Williams, and J Allen next to him on the line.

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