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Are The Vikings Still Missing A Piece Of The Puzzle?

August 1, 2011 by Nick in FREE AGENTS, Off Season Training
Wow.  What a crazy week its been for the Vikings.  They lost Sidney Rice, attempted to sign several replacements, cut a couple veterans, and even traded for a starting quarterback.

Still – many fans according to a Facebook poll we conducted say the Vikings are far from being a contender. What is the missing piece of the puzzle?  Below are just a couple issues that I believe the Vikings need to solve.

Wide Receiver

Some are more worried about this position then others.  Regardless of what people are saying, we do not have a clear replacement for Sidney Rice.  It looks like the Vikings are fine with going into the season with the receiving corps they currently have under contract.  The only receiver I would have liked to see brought to camp was Braylon Edwards.  Unfortunately he’s a diva and the powers to be obviously decided against it.

Safety Position

The Vikings cut Medieu Williams as a cap casualty and failed to sign a replacement such as Eric Weddle.  The Vikings once again seem to be set at going with talent already found on this teams roster.   I’m not convinced this is the right direction.  My fear is that the Vikings secondary will routinely get burned with the pass as they did last season.


Sources have said that talks with Ben Leber have stalled.  It looks like Erin Henderson may join his brother in the starting line up this season.  I don’t necessary disagree with the Vikings direction here but one still has to wonder what efforts they made to create more depth at the linebacker position.


While im the first to complain about the Vikings shortcomings in free agency they did pull off a great trade for McNabb.  They also recently striked a deal with an experienced left tackle that protected the blind side of one of the best passers in the league (manning).  Johnson should be an immediate upgrade at the guard position and even possibly a good replacement for McKinnie next season.

You guys voted and I responded with this post.  What have I missed?  What could the Vikings do differently to convince you that they are contenders this season?

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