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Ex Viking Randy Moss Decides To Retire From The NFL.

August 1, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY
One of the most electric wide receivers to ever play the game of football has decided to retire.  Randy Moss drafted by the Vikings in the 1998 draft took the league by storm by absolutely dominating defenses.  Still to this day, every defense has to game plan around Moss as he’s always a threat to burn you deep.

The news came from his agent Joel Segal,  he mentioned:  “After weighing his options and contemplating offers, he’s decided to retire,”  The news was broke by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.



After a season where Moss was shipped away from both the Patriots and the Vikings, he finished his career as a Tennessee Titan.  My guess is that he is getting small contract offers and Moss isn’t happy about it.  He may opt to use retirement as an excuse to avoid 1 year deals and jumping around the league.  Moss has always been well compensated and has several business ventures that continue to fill his bank account.

Moss is still amazing and easily dominates players that are half his age on the field.  As unlikely as it may be I truly hoped the Vikings would consider talking to him about a third return.  Moss’ issue was with Childress not the team.   Regardless of your thoughts on the man, he simply dominated on the field. 


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