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Why The Vikings Can Win 10 Games This Season

August 3, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions
Most NFL fans have written of the Vikings this season.  Sidney Rice has left the team, we just cut our starting left tackle, and our free agents acquisitions have been modest at best.  Regardless, I still see a possible scenario in which the Vikings win 10+ games this season.  McNabb is a very dangerous QB when healthy and the Vikings have the best running back in the league.  Let’s look at the Vikings schedule to do a quick analysis. (Bold games are home games).

Sept. 11 @ San Diego 3:15

The Chargers routinely start off the season slow.  The lockout plays to the Vikings advantage here as every team will be shaky week one.  The key here will be to contain Rivers and the combo of Jackson & Gates (assuming he’s healthy).  Definitely a WINable game.

Vikings 2011 Record 1-0


Sept. 18 TAMPA BAY Noon

The Vikings have routinely played well at the Metrodome over the last couple years.  With a big win over Sandiego the Vikings will look to tear apart the Bucs.  Once again, assuming the defensive secondary doesn’t get torn apart by Freeman this can be a very winnable game.

Vikings 2011 Record 2-0


Sept. 25 DETROIT Noon

I worry about the Lions this year.  No team routinely drafts in the top 10 and doesn’t get better.  Assuming Staffard remains healthy Calvin Johnson and company may have a field day with our secondary.  Fortunately the season will still be young and Nick Fairly may not be up to 100% yet.  I think the Vikes will split the series with the Lions so since this game is at the Metrodome I will give them this victory and loss when they are in Detroit.

Vikings 2011 Record 3-0


Oct. 2 @ Kansas City Noon

Kansas City isn’t nearly as threatening as they seem.  They have some explosive players but were overrated last year in my opinion.  This one will be close and could come down to how many points our offense can score.  If Adrian Peterson has a big game then the Vikes pull this one off.  Who could possibly see the vikes starting out 4-0?

Vikings 2011 Record 4-0


Oct. 9 ARIZONA Noon

This is where the Vikings start the downward trend.  Kolb and Fitzgerald are going to be a scary duo this season.  Wells will also benefit from this relationship as well.  No longer will any game against the Cardinals be a ‘gimme’.  In fact the Vikings can very well lose this game as the defensive secondary is arguably the weakest part of this team.

Vikings 2011 Record 4-1


Oct. 16 @ Chicago 7:20

Now call me biased, but how did the Bears make it as far as they did last season?  I expect the Bears to be at the bottom of the division this season.  However, you can’t argue with their addition of Roy Williams and Marion Barber.  The Vikings will likely split the 2 games this season.  Let’s give this one to the Bears as the game will be at Soldier Field.

Vikings 2011 Record 4-2


Oct. 23 GREEN BAY 3:15

Playing against the raining Superbowl champions won’t be easy.  Aaron Rodgers as much as I hate to say it is a treasure.  He played lights out and could potentially terrorize this team.  Playing one dimensional as they did last year could kill them this year but if the running game is strong a la Ryan Grant this team could be looking for a repeat.  Like the rest of the division opponents lets split the series.  Unless A.P. get’s hurt you never know what kind of magic the man can pull off.  Vikings win at the Metrodome.

Vikings 2011 Record 5-2


Oct. 30 @ Carolina Noon

The Vikings will finish 6-2 before going into their bye week shocking the NFL.  While Cam Newton may pull off some victories this season he won’t change the franchise around in one season.  Kevin Williams and the defense will keep Williams and Stewart in check which will force the rookie QB to make ugly decisions.  Decisions that will likely give the Vikings another win.

Vikings 2011 Record 6-2


Nov. 6 BYE


Nov. 14 @ Green Bay 7:30

As described above, the Vikings could split this series.  Packers win in Green Bay.

Vikings 2011 Record 6-3


Nov. 20 OAKLAND Noon

The Raiders of old are coming, but they won’t prevail this season.  As long as the QB is named Jason Campbell the Vikings should have this game wrapped up.  Contain Darren McFadden and that offense is stale.  McNabb, A.P. and company just need to put up points on a defense that no longer contains the leagues best CB.

Vikings 2011 Record 7-3


Nov. 27 @ Atlanta Noon

I foresee this game being ugly.   Matt Ryan and company will do some damage to this team.  Too many weapons in Gonzales, White, Turner etc.  If the Vikings can get out of this game with only a bruised ego it will be a success.

Vikings 2011 Record 6-4


Dec. 4 DENVER 3:0

Even with Kyle Orton at QB this team is still recovering from the Josh McDaniels era.  Champ Bailey isn’t nearly the threat that he use to be and Denver doesn’t have the weapons necessary to keep up with a high scoring offense.  The key to this game will be just that, score the most points.  (Now that sounds like a Madden comment if i ever heard one before!)

Vikings 2011 Record 7-4


Dec. 11 @ Detroit Noon

The Vikings are splitting the series with the Lions as previously discussed.  Vikings lose here.

Vikings 2011 Record 7-5


Dec. 18 New ORLEANS Noon

Even after two consecutive losses, the Vikings still feel that the NFC championship was stolen from them.  With a 7-5 record and the playoff picture still open this team finally pulls off a victory over the Saints.  Vikings fans may shriek if they end up seeing McNabb rush 10-15 yards to set themselves up for a game winning field goal.

Vikings 2011 Record 8-5


Dec. 24 @ Washington. Noon

McNabb goes ‘home’ to play his old team.  Just like Favre playing the Packers for the first time he will light it up.  The Redskins have not done anything this off season to help their team out and have traded players such as McNabb and Haynesworth.   Washington is in the running for the Andrew Luck derby.  They shouldn’t have much of an issue obtaining the top pick next year.

Vikings 2011 Record 9-5


Jan. 1 CHICAGO Noon

Final game of the season and what will likely be a ‘win and your in’ type game.  The Vikings may have lost earlier in the year to the Bears but now their at the Metrodome.  The defense steps it up and causes all sorts of issues with Cutler.  Matt Forte doesn’t stand a chance against the Vikings defensive line and the Vikings pull off a victory to seel the season with 10 wins.  10 Wins is good enough to either win the division or get into the playoffs via the wildcard.


So many people are down on the Vikings but as mentioned above it seems very possible the Vikes have a 10 win season.  If McNabb shows up and we get what were use to from Adrian Peterson we will be competitive.  With a week WR core I fully expect to see a lot of 2 tight end set ups that utilize both blocking and catching.  Rudolph and Shianco could be in for a great season.   10 wins this season.  Book  it!  SKOL VIKES!!!


  1. AaronAugust 4, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Would love to see the Vikings win 10 games. I think they might start off a little slower than your prediction however. It might take time for the new players to figure out their roles on the team, and for McNabb to adjust to new offensive cordinator.

    The NFL is all about quarterback play, so it could be realistic for the Vikings to pull off 10 wins. We need to see someone new step up and have a breakout year.

    • NickAugust 4, 2011 at 10:23 amAuthor

      I agree Aaron, it’s definitely a QB league. McNabb’s play could make or break this team. Let’s hope for some solid QB play.

  2. Javon BrownAugust 5, 2011 at 2:47 am

    I really agree on what your saying the viks may had a bad season last year but its alot of talent still their. In I feel their capable of winning 10 or 11 games, If Mcnabb shows up in the secondary helps out.

    • NickAugust 5, 2011 at 4:39 pmAuthor

      The secondary is what I worry about the most. If the Vikings had gotten Eric Weddle I would have felt much better.

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