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Kleinsasser Starting His 13th Year As A Viking.

August 5, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
Jim Kleinsasser was drafted in 1999 round 2, pick 44 by the Minnesota Vikings.  Kleinsasser is now entering his 13th season as a tight end and/or fullback with the Vikings. That gives him four years of seniority over defensive tackle Kevin Williams, next on the roster when it comes to tenure in Minnesota.

“This camp really has made it clear how long it’s been,” Kleinsasser said. “We’ve had the big turnover since last season, and now with the extra players in camp … I don’t know even half the guys in the locker room.

“I’ll see a face that looks familiar, maybe nod toward him, and he’ll say, ‘We met when I was in camp a couple of years ago.’ “

Kleinsasser has reached a point in his career when he’s as old as the quarterbacks he’s playing with.


Donovan McNabb, the newest veteran quarterback brought in to start, will turn 35 on Nov. 25. Kleinsasser will reach that birthday two months later, on Jan. 31.

“Donovan and I played together in the Senior Bowl,” Kleinsasser said.

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Jim Kleinsasser has been a fantastic asset to the Vikings over the years.  Many (including myself) have given the man a hard time as he typically drops at least one major pass per season.  However, his blocking skills are about the best you can get in the NFL.  It’s extremely important that this team find a roster spot for this guy.  With Shiancoe, Rudolph, Kleinsasser, and Dugan on the team it’s going to be a battle for position.  Let’s hope that they transition Kleinsasser back to full back and keep all four guys on the team.

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