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Childress Claims Moss “Walked Into Locker Room & Vomited All Over It”

August 11, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY
Unfortunately, Brad Childress has a lot of money that the Vikings are still paying him AND a lot of extra time available.  He decided to make a visit to the NFL network and give his unwanted opinion about Randy Moss and his recent retirement.

He  “walked in the locker room and vomited on it.”

While we all know Moss can be a pain and ‘plays when he wants to play’ not many people believe Moss was the culprit in the Childress & Moss marriage.  Brad Childress was a control freak and couldn’t stand anyone going against him.  He already had Brett Favre essentially take control of the team and got rid of Childresses “kick ass offense”.  I don’t think Childress could handle anyone else getting in his face.

Moss was/is loved in Minnesota and fans (including Wilf) were furious with Childress for making the bonehead move to cut Moss.  A lot of us wished that Wilf would have stepped up and canned Childress before the drop was executed.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen and Moss was picked up by the Titans.  It was only a couple weeks later that Childress was finally fired.  A move that was very much long over-due.  While we don’t wish any ill-will toward Brad Childress, we certainly don’t miss him as a part of the Vikings organization.

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