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Leslie Frazier Satisfied With Vikings Training Camp

August 12, 2011 by Nick in Off Season Training

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier gave his team’s 11-day training camp in Mankato high marks on Thursday, shortly after the team’s final practice at MSU. He said the weather and the atmosphere were ideal and conducive to what they were trying to get done.

“I think we just about got everything done that we wanted to get done as we get ready to embark on our trip back to Winter Park and prepare for the regular season,” he said. “I am very thankful to our fans for their support; it was a great training camp for us as a team.”




There is no question that this team has suffered due to the lockout. Rookie coaches are typically allowed a couple extra team practices in the off season and the Vikings weren’t able to take advantage of it. While the Vikings have a lot of potential this season many reports from beat writers have said that the offense has looked lack luster this training camp. Let’s just hope everyone is still shaking off the dust. We will see much more tomorrow night when the Vikings play the Titans for their first pre-season game.

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