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Vikings vs Titans Preview: Pre Season Game 1

August 13, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions
Can you believe the big day is finally here!?  We’re talking about Minnesota Vikings football!  Tonight will mark the debut for not only McNabb but Christian Ponder.  Most pre-season games aren’t considered exciting but when the Vikings have McNabb, Webb, and Ponder playing its surely going to be exciting.  Instead of the typical matchup preview I’m just going to list out some things to look out for.  This game is a glorified scrimmage so while a W is great, a healthy team is the end goal here.

QB PLAY – McNabb is the starter for this team and its important to see how well he has meshed with the other veterans on this team.  It was reported during training camp that his timing was off a little so lets just hope thats training camp jitters.  I expect McNabb to take one or two series and then leave the rest of the game to Webb and Ponder.  I want to see McNabb read a defense, be able to check down to a third or fourth option and even test out the deep ball.

WIDE RECEIVERS – Ever since Berrian restructured his contract he has pretty much guaranteed himself a spot on this roster.  I’m looking for Berrian to become the deep threat he has never really lived up to.  He is the speed on this team and with the cannon that McNabb has its important that he get to through the secondary as quick as possible.  Berrian could be a sleeper wide receiver this season.  Yes, i’m just as shocked that I wrote that as you are reading it.

After Berrian we have Percy Harvin and slew of #3s and #4s.  We should see Harvin make some great over the middle catches and hopefully see another receiver emerge from the pack to solidify the #3 spot.  Will it be Jenkins? Who knows.  My guess – watch out for Jaymar Johnson.  He could be a stud.


How exciting will it be to watch Shiancoe and Rudolph play together this season?  Shiancoe is reportedly out this game so we may see a lot more Rudolph which is fine by me.  What can the second round pick offer to this team that is week in receivers?  I’m looking to see that he can run crisp routes and maintain blocks at the line of scrimmage.  I’m not so worried about Jimmy K as he has routinely been one of the best blockers in this league.  He’s about as consistent as you can get.  Jeff Dugan could be a wild card as well.  It will be exciting to see what kind of plays he will be able to make.


My eyes will be on Erin Henderson and the Safety Positions.   Our secondary is week and full of young players.  They will be tested this year and this pre-season game will tell how much work the Vikings truly need.  I also look forward to Brian Robison in his first debut as a starter.


I’m not so much interested in special teams this game.  HOWEVER, Ryan Longwell now has an additional 5 yards to his advantage on kick offs.  I’m looking to see how many touch backs he can register tonight.  

What are you guys looking forward to tonight?  Specific players? Coaching? Regardless, we’re talking VIKINGS FOOTBALL! Let’s have an exciting and safe game boys! SKOL VIKES!!!

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