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Vikings Fantasy Football Players To Draft Round 2

August 20, 2011 by Brady in Fantasy Football

A couple weeks back Nick wrote a post regarding who on the Minnesota Vikings he thought were worth drafting.  This week I add my two cents.

I am about to tell you who would be safe to take out of this years Vikings team and who is not safe to take for this years fantasy football leagues. And I’ll definitely have some valid reasons behind why you should pick a certain player, and why you shouldn’t.



1.) Adrian Peterson

- Come on, is there really any explanation on why you should even second guess taking this guy? He’ll be gone within the first three picks, and in 95% of leagues he’ll be the first back taken.

He’s solid each and every season. He has pure elusiveness. He can’t be stopped when he’s hot. You’re guaranteed at least two touchdown’s a game with this guy and maybe even a receiving touchdown once in a great while. It’s rare if you get a game where All-Day doesn’t run for an easy 100+ yards.

He’s a guy that you’ll definitely want to grab if he is open in your league.

2.) Donovan McNabb

- I’m not just saying this because he just became a Viking. There’s not many times when you hear McNabb say that this is going to be a special kind of year for him. If he’s saying that he’ll be a perfect back-up in your league. He has Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin and Michael Jenkins as his three starting wideouts, and that’s not the worst you could get.

I can see McNabb throwing for around 27 TD’s with 14 INT’s this year. He definitely will not do what he did last year.

He is one guy, before his Washington Redskin season, where he was one of the top QB’s for the fantasy leagues. He is always reliable and has one of the best ratios when it comes to throwing TD’s instead of picks.

I’d definitely take McNabb in the 8th or 9th round if he’s still available for bench players.

3.) Bernard Berrian

- Call me crazy, but I can see this guy having a breakout year and reaching near 1,000 yards. McNabb is really favoring Berrian’s playmaking abilities and is known to make speedy receivers look great.

He’s easily one of the fastest wideouts in the league when he is open. He usually has troubles getting away from corner’s but I think he’ll be able to produce a lot better this year, due to Harvin getting all the attention.

And this leads me to my next topic:


1.) Percy Harvin

- I am an absolute Harvin backer. I think he’s the best thing that’s happened to this team in a while. But I don’t feel to safe taking him this year for these reasons:

He is going to get all the coverage. Harvin is known to be a guy that is scary when he has the ball, so the first thing the defensive coordinator is going to do is send there best back to cover Harvin a big portion of the game.

Harvin is going to have some tough cornerback’s covering him this season too, since he’s considered the number one wide receiver on the depth chart.

He’s going to get a big majority of the coverage and Berrian is going to surprise people and stack up some big numbers if he plays the way he’s been talked up this short off-season.

2.) Visanthe Shiancoe

- He had an off-year last season, and I can definitely see Shiancoe losing even more receptions this upcoming year. Kyle Rudolph came into the mix after getting drafted in the 2nd round this year. I cannot see Shiancoe having his typical season of being the main target on third downs anymore.

Bill Musgrave is going to mix it up so all the tight end’s get an equal amount of receptions. Don’t expect Shiancoe to have a 700-800 yard season, because it’s not happening.

I can also see, if Kyle Rudolph is performing well, that Shiancoe could be sent into free agency next year if he doesn’t put up big numbers. He is coming into the last season on his contract, and the Vikings will take fresh new talent that’s impressive over an aging tight end if Rudolph looks promising. Don’t say they won’t do it, look at how the Saints let go of two-time Superbowl Champion Jeremy Shockey and sent him to Carolina.

So there’s my thoughts on this years Vikings fantasy options. Hopefully I can help you out before your league drafts. I hope all the Vikings perform well this season, but I just posted how I see things to try and help some people out.Good luck!
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