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Vikings vs Seahawks Post Game Recap

August 21, 2011 by Brady in After the Game

The Minnesota Vikings traveled to Seattle, Washington this Saturday to play the Seattle Seahawks in the second week of preseason.

The Vikings, who came off of a completely disappointing first preseason game, shut critics up Saturday night after defeating the Seahawks 20-7. Minnesota looked near perfect compared to the game last weekend against the Titans, when it came to their first line of defense and offense.

The front four of the defense held the Seahawks from the red zone nearly every time when Tarvaris Jackson and the starting Seahawks’ offense was on the field.

Tarvaris tried to get the ball into the endzone numerous times, but it always resulted in a 3 and out or a turnover on downs (when attempting for the touchdown in the redzone). The Seahawks made it into the red zone and were only five yards away from a touchdown, and the Vikings held them four numerous times in a row, within five yards, and turned the ball over.

McNabb marched out onto the field. He lead the Vikings down the field with a 13-play drive. The drive started at the 1 and ended in the first of Longwell’s two field goals. He hit Kyle Rudolph with a 17-yard pass. Then immediately after delivered a 23-yard pass to Jim Kleinsasser. He showed a spark of brilliance, when he bombed the ball to Michael Jenkins for a gain of 21 yards. The didn’t gain much more after that, but they showed they can be scary if they’re on a roll even if Percy Harvin isn’t playing. He went 6/8 for 81 yards and shut up all of the critics after showing that he can do it like he did before.

I was very impressed with reserve cornerback Marcus Sherels. He fumbled the ball on the second punt return of the night, but came back and intercepted a deflected pass from Tarvaris Jackson for 64 yards and a touchdown. He shut down many pass attempts as well, and covered the ball extremely well.

Christian Ponder looked alright, still had his rookie antics though like the rest of them. He threw 6/12 for 63 yards with no interceptions but still had no touchdowns. Ponder is going to need some work, but with McNabb as the starter and his mentor, he should have absolutely no problem learning the game.

Joe Webb was nothing impressive, just like the week before. He threw 4/8 for 44 yards and ran twice for a gain of 11. He didn’t do much for the third offense, whatsoever. But the play of the night did happen when Webb was leading the offense. Tristan Davis, with his first rushing attempt of the night, ran 35 yards for a touchdown with 2:09 left on the clock to give the Vikings their first offensive touchdown of the night.

Overall, the game was very well played. The four front in the defense looked great, with Allen playing speedy like always but recording no sacks. The offense needs some improvement still, but you could tell their was a great amount of improvement than last week, when they barely did nothing. McNabb will be a great leader for this season, and I can see great things if they keep it up.

Let’s hope for the best in the next two weeks so we can defeat the Chargers in week one.

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