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Minnesota Vikings Vs Dallas Cowboys Pre Season Preview

August 26, 2011 by Brady in Game Predictions

The Minnesota Vikings are coming home this Saturday when they square off against the Dallas Cowboys.

Both teams are 1-1 in this year’s preseason, and have looked improved on both offense and defense. The Cowboys and Vikings are both coming into the 2011 season with new head coaches, and a changed coaching staff in general.

The big headline of this game for us Minnesota fans is: who will be the No. 2 QB this season? Will it be the rookie Christian Ponder, or 2nd year veteran Joe Webb?

Christian Ponder has the big arm, the smarts, and knows the playbook just as well as anyone out there because he’s had his version of it since a day after the draft when facilities opened for a short time. Ponder has showed that he is still inaccurate with his deep passing though, and makes poor decisions, such as pitching the ball to other players that are covered when being rushed by a defender. Ponder has a lot to learn.

Joe Webb has the big arm, just like Ponder, but is very accurate and has a powerful throw. Webb has many weapons that he can use. He has the arm, and he has the speed. He just has a problem with throwing the ball in places that he shouldn’t. He does that a lot, and that’s something coaches hate.

I can see Ponder getting the job for the No. 2 spot, though. The Vikings risked a first round pick on “a quarterback of the future,” and they should use him correctly. Benching him and giving him no game time if McNabb goes down makes no sense to me. If you used a draft pick on a quarterback instead of addressing our offensive line, as needed, use him the way you should. Ponder should be the No. 2 QB incase McNabb doesn’t deliver. Minnesota is hungry for a young quarterback that can show up Aaron Rodgers.

Tony Romo is coming back from a shoulder injury, and Donovan McNabb, well, he’s coming back from a horrific season and trying to make up for it. Both quarterbacks have been in situations where they have new people coming in, but McNabb has a lot more to learn this offseason than Romo.

McNabb became a part of the Minnesota Vikings just a few weeks back, and still has a lot of stuff to learn. The chemistry between McNabb and the receivers is apparently getting very close to being perfect, as he says in an interview after practice. McNabb has looked sharper than expected this preseason, completing 63% of his passes, but for no touchdowns. He has also thrown no picks either, so it’s a win/win for him as of now.

McNabb is hoping for that “special kind of season,” and this is his week to prove that he is ready to show the world that he is still his old self. He needs to get the Vikings into the redzone and actually give them some points. We have seen two Vikings preseason games with no passing touchdowns, whatsoever.

Tony Romo is getting ready to also prove haters wrong, even in Dallas. Many people in Dallas have been wanting Romo gone, and for the Cowboys to get a new quarterback. Many people were saying that Kitna should get a fair shot at contending for the starting job this offseason, but Jerry Jones won’t let that happen.

Tony Romo has also looked like he isn’t rusty at all this offseason. He has thrown 17 attempts and completed 11 of them for one touchdown and one interception. And he’s only been in for a few drives. I have a feeling that if Romo doesn’t produce well this year and get the Cowboys at least a wild-card spot, Jones could consider drafting a quarterback in the second or third round next season for competition. Romo has had his fair number of shots, and blew them for the Cowboys. This needs to be the year he erases the past, and proves that he is the quarterback of the future for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones wants a ring and he wants it now.

Leslie Frazier also thinks that his team is capable of taking a championship. And I believe him. The Vikings have Donovan McNabb, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian, Visanthe Shiancoe, Kyle Rudolph, Michael Jenkins and the list goes on. They have many versatile options when it comes to their offense and defense.

I think this game will be a very close game, but the Vikings have the edge in this game, in my opinion. They have won the last two home games against the Cowboys and the Cowboys have had trouble scoring in the Metrodome, period. The crowd is going to get very loud and distract the Cowboys offense and defense causing many penalties like last season’s game at home. Even though it’s preseason this game will prove a lot.

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