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Vikings Need Some Real Defensive Backs If They Want To Compete

August 28, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY
Let’s face the facts.  If the Vikings want to win football games this season they absolutely need to work on their secondary defense.  NFL games are won and lost based on defense and last night proved that we have taken quite a hit since being named a top defense just a couple years ago.

Cowboys receivers were open for most of last nights game. Tony Romo completed 15 of 20 passes for 141 yards in the first half. He had plenty of targets.

“When we had Chris (Cook), Cedric (Griffin) and ‘Twan (Winfield) in there, we held our own,” Frazier said. A moment later he added: “You’ve got to have depth in our league. That’s what we have got to find.”

He doesn’t have too much more time to keep looking. The situation at safety is particularly muddled.

“I’m trying to get better every week,” said safety Jamarca Sanford. “Everybody’s got their strengths and weaknesses. I’m trying to make the plays I’m supposed to make.”

during the off season the Vikings eagerly pursued Eric Weddle without any luck.  They then cut last years starter in M. Williams (which isn’t too much of  a loss if you ask me).  The Vikings have young players in the secondary that could blow up any time.  The question is whether or not they will show up in time for the beginning of the NFL season just a couple weeks away!

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