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Vikings vs Cowboys Post Game Review

August 28, 2011 by Brady in After the Game

This Saturday the Minnesota Vikings returned home to Mall of America Field. The field features new turf and a new roof. And game wise, this is what we’ve all been waiting to see. Donovan McNabb is looking sharper than you can ever imagine, only being a Viking for a little under a month.

Donovan McNabb got the Vikings a touchdown within the second play of their drive, bombing a 49 yard pass to Bernard Berrian. The Vikings are finally in that mode where they’re showing everyone they’re capable of changing what happened last season.

Donovan McNabb moved out of situations where he almost got sacked within seconds, and delivered passes at bullet speed to receivers. Defenders were even having a problem keeping the ball out of Vikings receivers’ hands.  The Cowboys only scored 3 points until a blocked field goal attempt on the second drive, that resulted in a score.

I have a feeling that Donovan McNabb, if he plays at this rate, will have a solid season. He will definitely produce as expected by Leslie Frazier, and change how he played last season. He is easily one of the most experienced players in the league, and can change the way a game is going within seconds. McNabb still can bomb the ball like there’s no tomorrow, as well. He shows flashes of brilliance and definitely shows he can be the best option for leading this Vikings offense.

Adrian Peterson looked like a beast, as always. He tore up the field and showed the Cowboys that A.P. is anything but aging. He dominated the line and in 14 carries he ran for 81 yards.

The run game for this offense is the thing that they need to value and utilize when in certain situations. I think the Vikings need to put A.P. in there and have him run the ball a lot this season, so sacks on McNabb can be avoided like last season. McNabb is 35, not quite as old as Favre, but if the offensive line is anything like last season — that could result in a bad situation for the Vikings. Adrian Peterson IS the key player for this offense, and if they want to win he is their man to base the offense off of.

The defense looked alright, nothing like last week. But remember this, we did play the Seahawks not the Cowboys. The Cowboys offense is a million times more advanced and the playbook seems a lot more in depth than Darrell Bevell’s offense. They have many more offensive weapons that can get points much quicker than the Seahawks.

Joe Webb played solid, bombed a long ball to Emmanuel Arcenneaux and ran in for a rushing touchdown to put the game to 17-20. I think Webb, regardless, will be the third quarterback on the roster. They risked the draft pick for Ponder and the only way he’ll develop is if he plays on the field if McNabb gets injured and they need a backup.

Christian Ponder almost won the game for us, leading the team from the 19 yard line with about a minute left, into the redzone. But one pass he threw to Allen Reisner he couldn’t manage to get it out of bounds, taking all the time off the clock. One thing I like about Ponder is his throwing on the run. He is deadly accurate when running and throwing, and that’s great to confuse defenses rushing him.

Overall, McNabb looked solid. I think he’s ready to lead this offense to some victories this season. Our defense looks way better than last year, but we need to increase pressure on the quarterback. Our offensive line gave McNabb some nice time in the pocket. Adrian Peterson looked awesome. And I think Christian Ponder will end up the No. 2 QB, he’ll be great if he keeps doing what he’s doing.

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  1. JasonAugust 28, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    The second team defensive backfield looked horrible!!! I’m really hoping we can hide some of the weakness during the season with blitzes and other schemes, that hopefully we are not using now. We really need Winfield, Grffin, and Cook to all stay healthy!

    Offense looked good. Nice to see Bernard Berrian have an impact. AP is fun to watch, he will keep us in games by himself.

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