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Will Bernard Berrian Finally Step Up This Season?

August 28, 2011 by Nick in Game Changers

When you bring up Bernard Berrian to Vikings fans you it would be hard to find one that doesn’t scoff or roll their eyes.   His numbers haven’t been anywhere near the 6 year 40+ million dollar contract that he signed for.

Many Vikings fans including myself figured he would be a cap casualty cut this off season.  With the departure of Sidney Rice and the willingness to restructure his contract Berrian is almost certain a roster spot this season.

Last night against the Cowboys we saw a great play from Berrian.  A 50+ yard reception thrown by McNabb.  Berrian also had a couple other grabs and another just missed TD catch.  With Sidney Rice gone can the Vikings finally rely on Berrian to step up and perform like we need him to?  The past says no.  His new attitude and pre-season performance state otherwise.  For the Vikings sake lets hope he proves us all wrong and dominates on the field.

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