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Vikings Cut 10 Players To Make 80 Man Roster Limit

August 29, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS

KFAN is reporting that the Vikings have made 10 roster cuts to meet the new 80 man roster limit.  The players released include:

QB Rhett Bhomar (anyone surprised?)
TE Ed Barham
WR Andre Holmes
OL Conan Amituanai
S Chris Adingupu
DB Simeon Castille
LB Jonathan Gilmore
LB Kyle O’Donnell
DT Colby Whitlock
K Nate Whitaker.

The 80 player roster is required for the fourth pre-season game against the Texans this Thursday.  The 53 man roster will need to be finalized after the final preseason game.  The first regular season game with the 53 man roster will be plaid September 11 at the San Diego Chargers.

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