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Madden 2012 Available Tonight! Vikings Stats & Entrance Video

August 30, 2011 by Nick in Madden
It’s finally here!  Madden 2012 is available at all stores as of 12:01 AM this morning.  Normally the game is available each year around the second week of August but has been pushed back due to the lockout and extended free agency period.  Regardless it’s here! Check out some of the exciting Vikings ratings and a video clip of the Minnesota Vikings entrance scene used in the game.  Pretty bad ass if you ask me!

I won’t include each and every player rating on the team, for that information you can go over to ESPN.  They have detailed ratings for every player.  Check out the ratings

Here is a good synopsis of how the game ranks the Vikings:

Finally, here is a clip from the Madden ’12 game.  The footage is of the Vikings pre-game leaving the ship and entering the Metrodome field turf.  I know I will be getting my copy tomorrow, will you guys be playing?  Feel free to leave your Playstation ID or X-box live gamer tag we can play one another.  SKOL VIKINGS!


  1. BigSkyVikeAugust 30, 2011 at 4:45 am

    I’m picking up my copy for the XBox 360 tonight. I am dissapointed with the entrance Video. Where’s Ragnar and the VikeBike!? Hopefully it’s been revamped since this video that was taken at E-3. SKOL!

    Xbox 360 Gamertag:

    • NickAugust 30, 2011 at 12:14 pmAuthor

      Nice! How do you like it so far? I’ll be getting my copy after work today. I would imagine some tweeks to the game since as you mentioned everything shown above was available months before the release date.

  2. BigSkyVikeAugust 30, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    I picked up my Marshall Faulk autographed Hall of Fame Edition at a midnight release. Sadly, I didn’t have the golden ticket in my copy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game so far and completed the pre-season in Franchise mode early this morning. If you play frachise mode be sure to download the updated roster on Madden Online.
    The Vikings team entrance is still the same as what is posted above. That was a little dissapointing. My question for EA is why can’t they go into the actual team stadiums and record the actual celebration music and fans singing along? It’s cool that Skol Vikings is incorporated but it’s the same crowd recording concept used in MLB the Show where one voice is recorded and then looped over multiple frequencies. Viktor is in the game but still, no Ragnar! The game has been overhauled in presentation, animation, lighting and some commmentary. Most of the players faces have been incorporated onto the player models too. The controls are still the same as what Madden player are used too. The suction tackles and catches for the most part have vanished. Though I did have an intersting catch in the Vikings VS Seahawks game when the ball miraculously bounced off of the leg of a defender and into the hands of K. Rudolph for a 48 YD TD.
    In franchise mode we now have the ability to experience the 90 man roster during the pre-season (it’s about time!) and now face the task of making cuts week to week. Cutting players can be done manually or the CPU can do it automatically based on player performance.
    I am having a blast playing this game. My wife watched a couple of the games as I played and she said that it looks a lot better than last year’s and is even more like watching a live NFL broadcast. Her only gripe is that Collinsworth still does commentary in the game and that the Team entrance was wrong.


    • NickAugust 30, 2011 at 6:13 pmAuthor

      Thank you so much for the review BigSkyvike! I have a copy sitting at home for me to play when works over with. Super excited to sit down and figure everything out. GO VIKES!

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