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Vikings vs Texans Post Game Review

September 2, 2011 by Brady in After the Game

Christian Ponder was looking sharper than ever in the final preseason game, leading the Vikings to victory this Thursday.

Ponder went out onto the field and looked like he had no fear, compared to the first few weeks of the preseason. Ponder went 10/17 for 83 yards and his first “unofficial” NFL touchdown (the touchdown won’t count, since it’s preseason). He also showed his athleticism running for 61 yards out of 8 carries. He was on fire, compared to weeks before. And he showed that he can be a quarterback of the future if he keeps it up.

In my opinion, Ponder closed the competition on the No. 2 quarterback battle, and definitely has it in his hands. He showed consistency, the smarts, and shows he knows the plays and the reads.

Joe Webb, well, he looked like all the previous weeks. He ran, and threw the ball a few times, but showed that he should be the wildcat man. He is going to be used in wildcat formations many times in a game, it sounds, to mix up the offensive gameplay.

Webb is very athletic, and I think he’ll be scary when the wildcat offense steps on the field. He’s fast and can get away from defenders in an instant. He’s definitely a great pick for that, and Bill Musgrave will use him correctly in his new Vikings’ offense.

Our second and third offensive line really never gave the quarterback any breathing room, only a few times I saw Ponder and Webb able to scan the field for throws. Other than the few times they were free for a second, they were rushed and that’s why Ponder had to run eight times from defenders.

Caleb King looked great, running in for two rushing touchdowns in the Vikings victory. He carried the ball 19 times for 62 yards and the touchdowns he scored, like I said. He proved that he was fast, and that he should definitely get a spot on the team. I believe he could be a great 3rd down back if Gerhart is injured.

I think the Vikings are looking promising this off-season. They’ve gotten progressively better every week, and McNabb and Peterson both sound excited for the game in San Diego in a week and a half. Adrian Peterson said he’s very confident about the new offense, and can’t wait to get on the field.

This game didn’t really have much to it, except for who the Vikings are going to cut. Jaymar Johnson and Greg Camarillo look like safe receivers. And I can see Arceneaux being a practice squad guy, but Johnson stood out and Camarillo made the team last year.

Overall, I’m very excited for this season, and I’m sure the rest of you are with me on that one! The Vikings are ready for the Chargers. It should be a great game with a lot of action.

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