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39 Yards Passing and More Off Sides Penalties Then I Can Count

September 12, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
This photo to the left of this text is from the game where Adrian Peterson set a record setting 296 yards rushing against the San Diego Chargers.  Yesterday, Peterson topped 100 yards rushing (98 technically) but that was one of very few highlights in this game.   Vikings fans we’re undoubtedly fist pumping and cheering their brains out when Percy Harvin ran the opening kick off for a touchdown.  The defense then caused a 3-and-out drive putting the Vikings offense back on the field.  Then on the first offensive play of the game McNabb throws a pick. ARGH! In all fairness it was tipped but little did we as Vikings fans know it would only be the beginning of a horrible passing attack.

Outside of one 2 yard pass to Michael Jenkins in the second quarter Donovan McNabb threw for a pathetic 39 yards THE ENTIRE GAME!  Blame it on McNabb or the coaching regardless it was pathetic.  Yes the Vikings aren’t overly talented at the wide receiver position but 39 yards? Wow.  Not to mention that the tight ends we’re basically invisible in this offense.  What happened to the offense that was suppose to have not one but two dominate tight ends?  I believe Shiancoe was targeted once while Rudolph was left without a single target.   As much of a beast Peterson is we can’t rely on him to win games for us alone.  The passing game must return next week.

Now all the above mentioned issues were annoying but nothing drove me more crazy then the 3 encroachment penalties our defensive line had at the end of the game.   With the Chargers taking the lead with 5 minutes left on the clock the Vikings had plenty of opportunities to win the game.  After a disappointing offensive outing the Vikings gave the ball back to the Chargers.  Many of times the Vikings were able to get the Chargers in a 3rd and short situation.  Then of all the things to happen we jump off sides!? Anyone can be guilty of one mistake but between Guian and Evans they had THREE penalties that ended up converting to a new set of downs for the chargers!  Absolutely ridiculous.

It’s only the first game of the season but it sure was disappointing to see them lose this game.  The Vikings should have won the game but because of dumb mistakes and bad play calling we let it slip through our hands.  The NFC north division wont be easy to compete in this year so as the lone team (in the division) with a loss this season Vikings fans are already rightfully upset.


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  1. EricSeptember 14, 2011 at 1:20 am

    I couldn’t agree more, Nick. I didn’t even want to talk football with the guys at work on Monday, I was too embarrassed. The Harvin return was really the highlight of the game. What confuses me is how Musgrave’s playbook is supposed to be 3 inches thick, yet his play calling cheat sheet looked like an index card. Where are all the plays we saw in preseason? I sure hope this was a week one fluke. The only bright side I saw was on defense. We got good pressure on Rivers. We’ll need to repeat that when we face Rodgers.

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