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Vikings Reassure Fans That The Offense Is Just Fine

September 14, 2011 by Nick in Vikings Support
The Vikings have spent the last couple days reassuring Vikings fans that the season isn’t lost after one ugly loss this pass Sunday.  “It was one game,” coach Leslie Frazier said of the 24-17 loss to the Chargers. “We’ve got a lot of games. The biggest thing about this game yesterday is that we aren’t going to be able to go 16-0. I don’t think it declares anybody anything other than the fact that you can’t go 16-0.”

Even the players in the locker room echoed the same message. “It’s disappointing, but at the same time, nobody here is going to panic,” center John Sullivan said. “Nobody here is going to get nervous about it. We know we’re going to go back to work on Wednesday and get ready to go out and beat Tampa Bay. We’ll be right where we want to be.”

It seems that Vikings support is at a low point this season and we’re only one week into the season!  It could continue to get even more ugly if the Vikings don’t win against the Bucs this Sunday at home.  The Bucs recently lost a close game against Detroit and will be eager to get their first victory as well.   This weekend will be a little more telling, what kind of fire-power does this offense really have? Can the Vikings actually move the ball? All of this will be answered this weekend.

Vikings fans need to continue to support their team.  One game is way to quick to jump off the bandwagon.  No it’s not time for Ponder yet and no the Vikings aren’t destined to be at the bottom of the NFC North for the entire season.  The Vikings had one bad game that they still should have won.  Let’s all get over it and watch them dominate the Bucs this Sunday!


Player & Coach quotes can be read in full here.

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