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Why The Vikings Should Sign Terrell Owens

September 14, 2011 by Nick in FREE AGENTS
Yes, you read the title correctly.  The Minnesota Vikings need to sign veteran free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens.  Now that the first week of the season is in the books any player signed is not guaranteed their salary.  While Terrell Owens is still be in the process of rehabbing a knee injury a video released about a month ago shows that he is having great progress.  He obviously has quick feet and can still still sprint.


The biggest question is undoubtedly his EGO.  Last year the Vikings had to deal with Moss.  I for one am completely ashamed that we sent him packing and it’s probably the most mad I have been with the team since we originally traded him.  Regardless T.O could present the same issues that Moss reportedly did.  Second, would McNabb and T.O. consider working together again?  A lot of bad things have been said on both sides and who knows if its all in the past.  Owens and McNabb worked really well in Philadelphia and that same chemistry could carry over to the Vikings.  With Owens, Harvin, Jenkins, Shiancoe, and Rudolph as receiving threats the offense could get a much needed kick start.

With Owens possibly on the last leg of his career what do the Vikings have to worry about?  Sign him to a cheap 2 year contract with much of it being incentive based and cut him if he causes too much trouble.  I think the opportunities far outweigh the risks associated with the deal.  This seems like a no brainer.  The alternative could always be trying to convince Moss to return for a third stint 😉

What do you guys think Vikings fans?  Do you want to see Terrell Owens in purple?

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  1. JJSeptember 21, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Absolutely could not hurt. The Vikings need receiving threats to take pressure off the line of scrimmage and open up the running game. It would help minimize a glaring weakness that the Vikings have. Or the Vikings could just let things stay the way they are and hope for the best.

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