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The Aftermath Of The Vikings / Bucs Loss

September 19, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
I very briefly touched on this game yesterday and did the best given that I was throwing a temper tantrum equivalent to a young child being told they can’t have a sleep over on Friday night.   It’s been 24 hours and I can tell you that i’m only slightly less irate than I was yesterday.  If NFL games we’re only 30 minutes long I would be absolutely confident in telling you that the Vikings would never lose a game again!  I have no clue what’s going on in the locker room but the Vikings have completely fallen apart in the second half of the game two weeks in a row! Simply pathetic.

Who’s fault is it?  Is it the coaches’ fault for not being prepared or altering their game plan for the second 30 minutes of the game?  Is is McNabbs fault or the lack of receivers he has to throw too?  Maybe its the offensive line or the week secondary the Vikings continue to put on the field each Sunday.   My point is that this team has a lot of holes but they still come out and play solid football for the first half.  What the heck is going on!?  It’s bad enough that we lost to two good teams but the players that are making big plays against us are AVERAGE at best.  Mike Tolbert? Preston Parker? Really?  Yuck.

The worse part of it all is that many fans like myself wouldn’t be as upset if the Vikings simply played poorly both games in their entirety.  However, the Vikings have played a solid 60 minutes this season.  Unfortunately it’s been 30 minutes per game.  Watching the Vikings who could easily be 2-0 shoot themselves in the foot is enough for any Vikings fan to lose their hair at an extremely early age.   I’m sure by now many of you can realize the theme of this post.  The Vikings have second half issues!  Let’s focus on a couple good things.

  • Adrian Peterson looked good rushing for 120 yards on 25 carries.  Had he not been tripped up he could have done significant damage.  A.P. is one of the lone bright spots on this team right now.
  • The passing game is starting to get a bit better.  It’s still far from good but it’s a work in process.  At least the tight ends were being used.   Percy had 7 receptions this game which is promising.

Let’s now focus on some more of the bad…

  • Offensive line looks bad. Really bad.  Charlie Johnson hasn’t been playing well at all.  Who would of thought someone would have missed McKinney.
  • Kick offs.  Am I the only one noticing that Longwell just can’t get the ball in the endzone even with the new kick off rule? Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a great field goal kicker but we may want to invest a roster spot in a guy who can boot it through the polls.
  • McNabb looked OK.  Blame it on the receivers or the offensive line but he looked OK.  I’m still not convinced Ponder is the answer at this point.  We’ll readdress the QB position after say week 5 or 6.
  • The secondary was allowing the short ball all day long.  If the game ended after 30 minutes I would have added them to the ‘good’ list but the second half they got torn apart. It looked like every pass from Freeman was going for at least 5-10 yards each play.  On several plays it looked like our backs were simply lost.   I think more man to man would have worked.  However, I do realize its easy to play coach when your sitting on the couch.  Let’s hope to see more from these guys next week when Calvin Johnson comes to town.

Overall the Vikings let 2 games get away now.  The Vikings arguably should be 2-0 but that’s not how things worked out.  Let’s focus this week on the Detroit Lions and get our first victory.  It may be easier said then done considering that the Lions just put up 48 points this week and Staffard and C. Johnson are on fire.  If we can put the points up this game I don’t see why a victory isn’t possible.  SKOL Vikes!

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