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The Vikings Defense Will Get Us Our First Win This Week!

September 21, 2011 by Nick in Game Changers
It’s no secret that the Vikings have started off on the wrong foot this season.  We could easily be 2-0 but because of dumb mistakes and poor time management we sit in a 0-2 hole.  The bandwagon fans are the first to point out that only 12% of teams starting 0-2 have ever made the playoffs.  The good news? The Vikings will turn things around this week when Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions visit the Metrodome.  This is the week when everything changes.

Kevin Williams returns to the starting line up this week.   This will give our defense and more specifically our defensive line the boost we really need.  Jared Allen is coming off a back to back sack game and if the Lions focus on him and Williams it leaves big opportunities for Ayodele and Robison.   The Vikings should be able to get significantly more pressure on Stafford then what he has seen in the first two weeks.

Since the defense will be in Stafford’s face all game long its going to force the Lions to run the ball and throw short routes.  With Williams back in the line up I don’t anticipate the Lions having success running the ball.  Forcing Stafford to throw short routes leaves less risk of our questionable secondary being dominated by Calvin Johnson.  Johnson could easily be the deciding factor in this game.  No defense has commanded as much respect as Johnson since Randy Moss came into the league in 1998.   If the Vikings keep Johnson in check then the game is theirs to win.

No second half issues, no floundering defensive calls just smash mouth defensive Vikings football!  The only question will be what type of Vikings offense will show up this weekend? With Adrian Peterson in purple you know there will be some sort of production.  I’ll keep the offensive woes for this weeks Vikings / Lions preview.  Stay tuned and as always SKOL VIKES!


  1. Joe ferrerSeptember 24, 2011 at 3:03 am

    Vikings suck (diehard fan for 40 years-I’m done)

  2. Joe ferrerSeptember 24, 2011 at 3:13 am

    I take it back, I’m not done. They still suck though, maybe some day…….

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