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September 22, 2011 by Brady in Game Predictions

The Minnesota Vikings are going into the Metrodome for the second time this Sunday to face NFC North division rivals Detroit Lions. This Vikings team is definitely hoping for a victory after a major letdown across Minnesota.

The Vikings have come across many obstacles the first two games of this season that have slowed them down, especially in the second half. This was an issue last season too, though, during the Favre era.

Brett Favre led the Vikings to 6-10 last year, in his last attempts of a hopeful Superbowl run with a team that came so close the previous year. It was a complete failure and he had the worst statistical season in his professional career, throwing for more picks than touchdowns, which is quite odd for “the Iron Man” himself.

Favre officially, after two back-to-back retirements, retired immediately after the season was over, turning the starting job over Donovan McNabb, the 13 year veteran who had a very successful career with Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles.

McNabb has not had such a hot start with Minnesota, he threw for the third lowest passing yards in his careeer when they opened the season against the San Diego Chargers. He threw for 39 yards, one touchdown and one interception. But he showed people that was a fluke week the week after. He threw for over 200 yards against Tampa Bay, and almost led them to a victory.

The Vikings have been encountering problems with keeping the defense hot after the second half, but it’s not just the defense. The offense seems to keep their production under 100 yards in the second half in both two games played. The defense is hot at the start, dominating the teams they’ve played, but give up in the end allowing both teams to come back trailing by over two scores and giving the opposing team the victory.

The Vikings have a lot to turn around in Week 3 if they even want to consider themselves a playoff contender. They are a laughing stock right now in the NFC North, let alone the NFL. Many analysts have them picking in the top five picks in 2012 mock drafts, which shows that a lot of people have little hope for the purple and gold this season.

The Vikings need to push themselves towards a victory this Sunday in order to give themselves a boost in motivation. They have none whatsoever right now in the second half and need to stop letting teams win, when it should be a sealed victory when the first half is over. If they keep their offense and defense hot like it is in the first half and carry it over to the second half, the Vikings could be one of the most intense defenses and a scary offense in the NFL.

They have so many weapons that are getting put to waste. Percy Harvin has barely seen any receptions, but yet still leads the team in receptions. He has yet to touch the endzone with the ball as well. Bernard Berrian has been a fluke, making it apparent that Michael Jenkins could turn up being the Vikings No. 2 wide receiver if he keeps it up like he is. He has no motivation to get a release fast to get the deep ball. If Jenkins is utilized correctly he could get down the field just as well as Berrian and be a better deep threat. McNabb seems to have very good chemistry with Michael Jenkins and Percy Harvin, and as well as the tight ends of Visanthe Shiancoe, Kyle Rudloph, and beloved Vikings veteran, Jim Kleinsasser.

The Detroit Lions have been dominating in all of their games so far. They beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week One, a team that Minnesota failed to beat last weekend giving them three scores to a victory in just the second half alone. And then last weekend they went out and demolished the Kansas City Chiefs. Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford threw for four touchdowns and one interception in their Week Two victory over the Chiefs.

Stafford has almost doubled Donovan McNabb’s stats in the first two weeks throwing for 599 yards and 7 TD’s, while McNabb has 267 yards and only one touchdown.

As a Vikings fan, I am very scared for this game this weekend against Detroit. I am hoping they have a pursuit with the ball like they did last week during the first half, and I am hoping the defensive line can push themselves and the other members of the backfield to pursuit the ball and stop them as fastly as possible so they can’t put up any points. Detroit won’t be an easy team to beat, seeing as they beat the Chiefs 48-3 last week.

Don’t expect a blowout by any means, expect a divisional match that has you at the edge of your seat until the end — unless Minnesota gives up in the second half and gives the game away.

Be expecting a 100+ yard game from Adrian Peterson and for McNabb to throw for over 300 yards in this game, as balls will be flying and points will be high.


  1. FritzSeptember 24, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Well,I believe your analysis is correct. I doubt that the Vikings can win this game. Most of the professionals are picking the Lions to win, but not by much. I expect to see a 20 – 17 Lions win. They win, but don’t cover the spread. Jason Hanson wins the game on a last second field goal after the Lions drive the field in the last 2 mins.

  2. BradySeptember 24, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    I hope it’s the other way around, but if Detroit wins and we lose this week we are definitely not going to the playoffs. The NFC North is way to harsh of a division to start the season off 0-3 and expect to get into the playoffs. It’s not happening. Green Bay is more than likely going 3-0 and if the Lions win they’ll be 3-0. It’ll definitely be a game where we need to win and if not we’ll be hearing the talks of “when is Christian Ponder going to take over for the Vikings?”

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