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Vikings Lose To Lions In Overtime

September 26, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
This is starting to get irritating.  The Vikings blow a 20 – 0 lead to the Lions to start this season 0-3.  Seriously WTF? This team should be 3-0 and because of horrible second half play this team let another game get away from them! What is happening to the players who play so well in the first half?  If you tell me that their hog tied in the locker room and replaced with these guys I would almost believe you.  It’s seriously so bad I get sick to my stomach.  This website relies on team updates as they become available yet I simply couldn’t get myself to type anything before now.  Whats the issue? Is it the players? The defense specifically? McNabb? Or is it a coaching issue?  I’m starting to wonder if it really is the coaching!  This is terrible.

How in the world can a team that is healthy and plays so well in the first half self destruct? Not only did it happen once, or twice, but now THREE times!  Once again I reiterate … WTF.

I mentioned that this game against the lions should have been won by the defense.   I think the players did a great job stepping up and performing.  I have no clue who thought it would be a good idea to continuously play a ‘safe’ zone defense against the Lions.  More importantly why in the world would Musgrave play single coverage on Calvin Johnson!?  Ridiculous.  That catch in overtime was simply awesome.  It wasn’t the defenders fault, Johnson simply made a great play.

I will reiterate what I have been saying for the last three weeks.  This team should be UNDEFEATED! Something needs to change.  By change I mean GO – and not a specific player but specific coaches.  These coaches are the horrible remains on a Childress era.  I like Frazier and i’m not quite ready to give up on the guy but their are certain members of this coaching staff who are routinely letting this team down with their game plan.  Or should I say lack there of?

This game next week will be really telling against an extremely injured and ailing Kansas City Chiefs team.  If we lose to them then I will throw my hands up in the air.  I’m not saying this as a bandwagon typical Minnesota “sports fan” but as a long time Vikings die-hard with several years season ticket holder ‘investment’ in this team.  I will always bleed purple and gold but this is getting ridiculous.  SKOL VIKES – Forever and always!

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