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Vikings Stadium Dream Could Be Crushed If Left To Minnesotans

September 29, 2011 by Nick in NEW STADIUM

Image from startribune

Wednesday night marked the night where Ramsey County residents made it more then clear that they don’t support the Minnesota Vikings.  Pictures above, Allison Seaborn was one of the few supports fighting for the team that has been apart of Minnesota sports for over 50 years.   Over 200 people packed into the small space to get their 2 minutes of speaking time regarding the new Vikings stadium.  Support was shown but much more opposition was shared Wednesday night.

Cindi Nickel, a stay-at-home mom from Shoreview, said she’s tired of sports teams telling the public to help pay for stadiums.

“In school, this is called bullying and it’s not to be tolerated,” she said.

Others spoke of what they believe is their right to vote on the issue, or of wanting team owner Zygi Wilf to bear the entire cost of his “playground.”

Bill Spear of New Brighton, who wore purple, spoke against the vote, saying it would “send the wrong message.” He argued that there was no referendum on the 0.15 percent Hennepin County sales tax increase imposed to build Target Field.

Stadium supporter and jersey wearer Jim Hanson of New Brighton said, “The Vikings need a new stadium and I’m in favor of a new stadium as long as it’s built in Minnesota.”

No Vikings representatives were in attendance for this debate.  At this point it looks like more fair weather fans have spoken up.  These people don’t understand the value the Vikings offer to the state.   These are the same people that will complain when the revenue generated by the team leaves the state as well.  I for one don’t want to hear a single peep if this occurs.   The state had no problem helping the T-wolves, Wild, Gophers and more recently the Twins but share no love with the Vikings.  Minnesota is a FOOTBALL state!  Remember how much more it cost to bring back the NBA and NHL to the state of Minnesota after the Lakers and Northstars left?  Imagine this cost to absolutely skyrocket in addition to the new mandatory stadium that will be required to bring NFL back to Minnesota.

Minnesotans, don’t be stupid.  Let’s get this deal done.

Quotes can be read in full at Startribune

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