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Vikings vs Chiefs Pre-Game Review

September 30, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions
On April 22, 2008 the Chiefs traded away Jared Allen. The Minnesota Vikings traded away their first round pick, both third rounders, and an exchange of picks in the 6th round.   The Vikings are sure happy they did this.  Jared Allen has been a team leader, routinely dominates on the field and has been able to keep himself out of trouble.  This week Jared Allen goes back to Kansas City to play his old team – The Chiefs.

In a game that’s sure to get a lot of publicity as the “worse vs worse” will highlight two 0-3 teams.  Some even argue that the winner of this game is the true loser. The team who wins could end of having one too many victories preventing them from drafting Andrew Luck in next years draft.

I say lets get this win!!!

The Vikings have a lot of talent on this team and many Vikings fans would argue that this team could easily be 3-0 right now.  After three consecutive second half collapses the Vikings are going to come away with a victory this Sunday.   The Chiefs have been plagued with injuries so far and lost their star running back in Jamal Charles.  This will make their team one dimensional.  Assuming the Vikings get the pressure on the QB as we did last week Cassel won’t get the opportunity to test our shaky secondary.

With concerns last week of Adrian Peterson not getting enough carries, I fully expect the Vikings to utilize A.P. this week.  Look for Peterson to get over 20 carries this week.  Adrian Peterson is an amazing athlete who single handedly can change a game.  The Vikings need to let Peterson put games away for them.  A task that Peterson is more then happy to do.

I’m predicting the Vikings get their first victory this weekend with a final score of 17 – 7.  Look for Jared Allen to punish the Chiefs too.  The defensive line could be in for another great game this week.  Let’s just hope they have ironed out their second half issues and dominate through all 60 minutes of the football game. SKOL VIKES!

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