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Vikings Lose To Chiefs Now 0-4

October 2, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
I’m sitting here absolutely puzzled as the Vikings have been handed their fourth consecutive loss this season.  The battle of 0-3 teams turned into a game which made the Vikings coaching look horrible.  The Vikings haven’t done anything to change their issues.  The offensive line is at an all time low and the defense simply didn’t show up this game.

Now I know a lot of fans put the blame on McNabb but I don’t.  Is he the same QB he was several years ago? No way.  However, this is not a QB issue, this is a COACHING issue!  While this team certainly isn’t what it was in 2009, its not nearly as bad as their performing.  We have an extremely underachieving team here.  It almost looks like the guys aren’t playing at full strength.  I certainly hope they haven’t given up this early in the season.  I don’t know if this is a personnel issue or strictly coaching.   I’m losing confidence in the coaching staff every minute that ticks off the game clock.  Something has to change and at this moment i’m not convinced throwing Ponder is the right move.

What do you guys think is the biggest issue is with the Vikings right now? Is it the players, the coaches, or just the teams we’ve played so far (ya right).

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