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Frazier: McNabb Will Start Against Cardinals.

October 4, 2011 by Nick in CONTROVERSY
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Frazier has publicly stated that McNabb will be starting this week against the Cardinals.   Most Vikings fans are screaming for Ponder to be starting by now but I am not one of them.  It’s not that I don’t believe the kid is talented but its simply not time yet.  The Vikings have COACHING issues not a specific QB issue.  After coaching our offensive line take the top spot for issues followed by defensive backs.

I don’t believe Ponder should start until after the BYE week going into Green Bay.  Not exactly the best ‘first game’ but at that point the Vikings could pretty close if not eliminated from the playoffs if their play continues at this rate.   This gives Ponder 9 games to show something to the Vikings organization.  If he struggles and were in the position to draft Andrew Luck then the Vikings have to consider it.  If Ponder is the real deal then the Vikings could be in a great position next year to draft and sign free agents to support Ponder.

Even though the Vikings are 0-4 this season its still too early to give up.  There are 12 more games this season.  This is the week where we find out exactly where the team is going this season.  Another break down and loss could put some starters jobs in jeopardy as well as some coaches on the Vikings staff.

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